What's up beYOUtiful!?!

I am so happy to see you in our little shop today :)

I began JDM Jewels in March of 2018, at this point in my life I was quite lost and honestly just sad – and so began JDM. I found that working with my hands, being creative and building something not only for myself but for others brought me so much joy.

Working with crystals helps me feel connected to the earth which really allows me to reconnect with myself. They are my greatest touch stone if you will.

Building this business has also allowed to have a small platform to remind women how incredible they are. To be frank, I’m sick of women feeling like shit about themselves.

That is enough. You are an incredible women, wife, mom, step-mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, employee and what ever other hat you may wear!

And you know what?
I am going to be here to remind you Every.Single.Day.
I am going to be here, sharing my struggle, encouraging you through yours and making crystal jewelry to support us through all this crazy world has to offer. It isn’t easy but if we stick together, support one-another and be a little kinder to ourselves; its unimaginable what we can achieve. 

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Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jordan, and in case you didn’t know JDM is quite literally me – Jordan Dawn Mullis (formerly, Lequyer – yes, it’s French and no I won’t pronounce it for you haha)

I’m a 31-year-old wife, mom to all the fur creatures, a registered nurse, a jeweler, a dreamer and I’m constantly in search for that extra bit of magic the world has to offer.


On a side note: I like pizza, movies, LOVE dogs, sunrises, and the smell of fresh cut grass, especially after the rain. I talk like a trucker, eat like a teenage boy and crank my music like it’s 1985. I am a huge fan of “old things” such as records, antiques and history BUT am far from traditional. I prefer plants to booze, stars to a skyline and trucks to sport cars. I’m a Prairie girl at heart and I really just want to share my passion for crystals, nature and uplifting women with you.