Hot Lemon Water

I’m drinking hot lemon water as I type tonight because our 1 year old is sick… AGAIN. 3 sicknesses in 6 weeks 😅


Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve this special level of hell but here we are!


Now, I know, I know. We all go through this, sick kids suck for everyone - I am not here to say “woe is me”. I’m here to commiserate happily with other moms ready to blow their top.


I’m so happy to be apart of the generation of Mothers that now find it acceptable to admit the hardships of motherhood while also knowing full well we wouldn’t give our kids back for anything! I’m pretty sure the term “duality” was coined by a mom who whispered “what the fuck” and “I how did I ever get this lucky” within 17 seconds of one another on repeat for 18 hours straight yesterday.


You see the truth is


I’m exhausted but I’ve never been more excited to wake up each morning.

I’m so full of love I could cry but I’ve also never felt more lonely.

I’m over the moon to be a mother but miss my maiden self.

I’m so excited to be back working but morn every moment I miss with my babe.

I adore watching my husband as father but some days miss my husband.

I admire my body for giving me this gift but don’t recognize the woman I see.

I’m grateful for the laugh lines, the happiness, but miss the youthful face.

I love the routine but miss the freedom.

I do my best to go with the flow but miss the schedule control.


It’s utter joy and ferocious worry.


This never ending cycle of feeling everything all at once is 100000% part of the mental load of motherhood. I find the constant mixed emotions to be exhausting. It’s a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply and it’s something I think most moms can relate to.


We ask for a break and instantly miss our kids.

We want to have a little of our own life but can’t stand to miss anything.


It sometimes feels like a lose, lose situation.


Personally, I think the hardest part about becoming a mom isn’t taking care of my little boy; BUT has been remembering that I need to take care of me too.



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